You’ll Be Watching This On Repeat! The Bravest Jack Russell Terrier In The World Takes On A Tiger!


You’ll be watching this on repeat! The bravest Jack Russell Terrier in the world takes on a tiger and the outcome is adorable in every single way possible. This is basically a reenactment of the David and Goliath story, except with and adorable ending, where everybody simply can’t stop smiling.

Don’t you just love funny stories, pictures, videos and articles about animals playing with each other? We know we do and we simply can’t stop laughing!

GFtsrpL - Imgur

You simply can’t stop watching this .gif because it’s utterly adorable. This Jack Russell Terrier simply wants to become friends with this pretty tired tiger that only wants to lay back and relax.

]In the eternal battle between dogs and felines, we have to say that this little guy is a true example of courage, in a funny way. An animal David and Goliath story in modern day times, portraying showing us how the bravest Jack Russell terrier in the world takes on a tiger.

Do you think a dog like the Jack Russell Terrier is capable of getting the hint? Of course he’s not and that’s why he’s adorable! Know any other disproportional “animal fights”? Let us know in the comments.