As Of This Year, All Dutch Trains Run On 100% Wind Energy


As Of This Year, All Dutch Trains Run On 100% Wind Energy

The Netherlands are known for their iconic windmills and how they used them to take back lands from the North Sea. And now, the Dutch have given the new generation of windmills a new purpose; to provide green electricity for the country.

This growing trend for renewable sources of power will help us curve and possibly even stop the nasty effects of climate change. And while solar panels have become the cheapest form of such energy, the Netherlands aren’t particularly known for their long hours of sunshine.

Nevertheless, each region of the world has to do its best with what it’s got, and in this case, it’s wind. As another example, Iceland makes great use of geothermal energy due to the large number of volcanoes on the island. But we digress.

As of 2017, the Dutch railways is now completely powered by wind energy, as the company has stated:

“Since 1 January, 100% of our trains are running on wind energy,” said NS spokesman, Ton Boon.

The Dutch railway company, NS, has partnered up with the Dutch electricity company, Eneco, in a 10-year-long deal to turn all trains in the country 100% fueled by wind energy by January 2018.

“So we, in fact, reached our goal a year earlier than planned,” said Boon.

He also added that the increased number of wind farms across the country, as well as of the coast have made this dream achievable ahead of schedule.

Both companies have said on a joint website that some 600,000 daily passengers are “the first in the world” thanks solely to wind energy. The railway company operates some 5,500 train trips per day, and one windmill running for an hour is enough to power a train on a 120-mile-long trip. What’s more, they hope to reduce the energy required for carrying a passenger by up to 35% by 2020, as compared to 2005.