The Worst Names In Recorded History. Yes, They’re All Legit!


The Worst Names In Recorded History. Yes, They’re All Legit!


It was not that long ago when we thought that Gaylord Focker from ‘Meet the Parents’ was one of the worst names in recorded history. Well, this was back when we didn’t know that some people have even bigger problems in real life. Movies are one thing, and the imagination of some parents works on a totally different level. Way beyond what any script writers can come up with.

It’s actually pretty hard to explain why some parents would name their kids ‘Batman’ or ‘Rambo’, but explaining why people shouldn’t try to name a baby like that is quite easy. First of all, just imagine what a life your kid will have all throughout high school. Then, after finishes all those years of dreadful misery, he’ll start working. Guess what his colleagues will say? Do you honestly think he’ll get a break? Dear parents, the answer is NO!

Now, let’s surf a little through the weirdest names ever given to a human being. In case your name is worse than these, don’t forget to write it down in the comment section below so we can add it to our ‘No-No’ list.

Have you met Señor Mister Rambo?

The Worst Names In Recorded History. Yes, They're All Legit!
The Worst Names In Recorded History. Yes, They’re All Legit!

What about taking your kids to Disney Landia Rodriguez Juarez?


Jesucristo! What a name!


It’s Batman Roberto to the rescue!


Pretty easy to get followers when one of your names is Hashtag! #follow


We have a pretty hard time deciding on how to call him…


Be sure to get a medical check twice a year.


Bottoms up!


Just email Email!


Someone call Harry Potter, please.


Size doesn’t matter.


Ladies, please be careful if your husband is a soccer fan.


This one is actually awesome. The force is strong with this one.


And again, it’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.


Breaking Bad.


Oliver, you never had a chance, did you now?


He’s always the right man at the right time.