World’s Largest Hard Drive 16 TB SSD

Largest Hard Drive
World’s Largest Hard Drive 16 TB SSD

At the 2015 Flash Memory Summit in California this previous week, Samsung disclosed the biggest limit hard drive on the planet. It’s a 2.5-inch solid state drive (SSD) that can hold 16 terabytes of information (15.36TB, to be correct). reports that the new drive is known as the PM1633a, and that Samsung was flaunting a server stuffed with 48 of these drives for a ginormous all out capacity limit of 768 terabytes.

If you are eager to get one, be ready to give some solid arguments to your wife, when you will have to justify the $7000 you spent on a computer component.

This hard drive is by all accounts intended for big business (e.g. server) purposes, yet maybe it might be a first look into the future of digital storage capacities, what is today referred to as the world’s largest hard drive, might be a common storage capacity tomorrow.