World’s First Drinkable Book Will Save The Life Of Millions



The world’s first drinkable book will save the life of millions, by decontaminating polluted water and educating people about water safety.

One of the major global problems is the lack of drinkable water in many countries that makes life almost impossible to millions of people that die every year. The drinkable book acts as a water purifying filter and also educates people on how to take care of their water sources.

Each sheet/page of the drinkable book can provide up to 30 days of drinkable water and the entire volume can offer 5,000 liters of pure water, enough to last a person for 5 years.


The Non-profit organization, WaterIsLife, worked with scientists, engineers and typographer Brian Gartside in order to offer people in need of water a chance at a normal life, while educating them about water safety and consumption.

The world’s first drinkable book is coated in silver nanoparticles and written on foot-grade inks, making the pages capable of killing off all deadly bacteria. The result is 99.99% pure water, which is comparable to the tap water in the United States.

Carnegie Mellon and the University of Virginia created this amazing drinkable book that will save the life of millions and the best part about this product is that it’s very cheap to produce and it can easily be transported anywhere in the world where people don’t have a natural source of potable water.