World Leaders Were Served Scraps At the UN Summit

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Food waste is a big concern in many parts of the world. It is estimated that somewhere around 40% of all food that is purchased and prepared is then discarded; either because it has gone bad or because it simply doesn’t look good. This, mind you, is happening in a world where 1.2 billion people are below the poverty line and almost 800 million are downright starving to death.

Moreover, arable land takes up 40% of the entire landmass; not to mention all the grazing lands needed for cattle and other farm animals. More than half of the world’s potable water is used in agriculture as irrigation, leading to many regions severely lacking in it. Lake Aral (the largest lake after the Caspian Sea) was drained this way.

Nevertheless, the point is that agriculture pays an important role in the development of our future developments and big reforms in the matter must be made. It is no longer sustainable for us to follow the exact same way as we did up until now.

That’s why, during the last UN Summit, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, French President Francois Hollande, and Peruvian President Ollanta Humala among other 30 world leaders were served scraps for lunch. The “Landfill Lunch” as it was called, had the purpose of raising awareness of our own wastefulness when it comes to food. Former White House Chef Sam Kass and fellow Chef Dan Barber prepared the delectable lunch which featured everything from a salad made from vegetable scraps and veggie burgers made from leftover pulp from juicing, to a “cocoa husk custard” dessert created with parts of the cocoa bean normally discarded when making chocolate.

A new system for reducing food wastefulness is crucial; especially given the current day circumstances, as well as finding new ways of reducing the surface area arable land takes up at the present day. But in order for this to happen, first we humanity as a whole need to eradicate the threat of starvation in the world.