Women Covered Their Bodies in Glitter to Send a Powerful Message of Self Love


Women Covered Their Bodies in Glitter to Send a Powerful Message of Self Love

Women Covered Their Bodies in Glitter to Send a Powerful Message of Self Love
Women Covered Their Bodies in Glitter to Send a Powerful Message of Self Love

A group of women have covered their naked bodies in glitter to send out a powerful message of self love. #positivelyglittered is a statement that strives for self love and self acceptance for women worldwide.

15 Australian women decided to get naked and cover themselves up in glitter in order to make this powerful statement. They met through Instagram and went on to encourage women around the world to be proud of their body, to accept who they truly are and to love themselves with all the pluses and minuses.

“We are showcasing that none of us look like stereotypical models, we are all different shapes and sizes”

Some more glittery goodness before bed #positivelyglittered promoting body positivity in the most sparkly way ?

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“Yet we can (and will) model our lingerie collections and celebrate the bodies we have.”

“We’ve had enough,” one of the women said. “Our focus is encouraging women everywhere to embrace the bodies they have, regardless of what they have been told is acceptable by mass media.”

I can’t believe that this strange online world has brought me amazing friends that I have met and are still yet to meet. So many people that I wouldn’t have come across in daily life otherwise. And ones that I now don’t really know what I would do without. We really are the ultimate girl gang. The whole world of us. United by our love of each other and lingerie. I do wish that every woman got to experience what we do, to see what it is like to be part of this badass group of women. I love you gals. But here i am with 2 of those beautiful women, who are utterly perfect in every way. Coated (partly) in glitter and Colourful glittery starstruck pasties by another one of our girl tribe members @amberandindigo. ?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨?✨#positivelyglittered #amberandindigo

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If you are interested in learning more about this movement, be sure to follow these courageous women on their official Instagram account.

MOOOOOOOORE GLITTER!! I’d say this is the last for now, but I really can’t make any promises… and who would want it to stop here?! I’ve had a few conversations in the past couple of days regarding university, and it’s astounding how much my self doubt has decreased since deferring. I don’t learn by someone talking at me, and I know that’s what tutorials are for, but it’s seriously discouraging to be super interested in a topic, but having it just not sink in properly yet. Now I don’t have that pressure, I’m not feeling stupid a lot of the time. It’s crazy how we expect everyone to learn the same when there’s science telling us that’s not how we humans work. Another thing I’m super trying to do is to say yes. Sometimes I forget and when I remember later I wonder ‘what if’, but that’s the purpose of this exercise! My father asked me if I wanted to drive on the beach and I thought ‘naaaaahhhhhh I’m too tired’ but then we found some P plates and off I went! It’s just the little things… ? by @jillkerswillphoto #positivelyglittered

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