Woman Quits Top Harvard Job To Live In Tiny Remote Cabin Only Accessible By Boat



Bethany Butzer is the courageous woman that took a leap of faith and quit her high paying job at Harvard to move into a remote tiny cabin that can only be accessed by boat. To sum everything up in her own words: “I’ve never been happier!”

When she quit her job at Harvard she wanted to go as far as possible and to be as remote as it gets. This is why she and her husband chose a 130-square-foot (12 sq m) cabin in Willisville, Ontario, Canada, in a place that can only be accessed by boat.

She enjoys practicing yoga and her new found life evolves around meditating and picking blueberries and she loves every bit of it.


“I felt that my professional success was flourishing but my personal health and well-being were foundering. It just didn’t really feel satisfying. I just knew that I needed to spend some time outside in nature. I just took the leap,” Butzer said.

Most of her daily activities are just about enjoying life and what nature has to offer. “I would just stare at the trees, watch the sky, go fishing and read.”