The “All Woman Project” Unites Women of All Shapes, Sizes and Skin Colors to Celebrate Diversity


The “All Woman Project”


Diversity when it comes to body shape or size is something rarely seen in the media and advertising. The All Woman Project celebrates beauty with this variety by making it the centerpiece of the theme. The project shows ladies of different shapes, sizes, and skin colors, especially in one striking panoramic photo.

In it, each woman looks confident in her own skin, and each sporting a tight costume, perfectly showing their glorious curves. This way, each of them showing that there’s actually nothing to be ashamed of. Beauty through diversity after all. Though we’re not all that different from one another, there are some things which we o, or enjoy differently; that’s for sure. Not to mention the fact that these beauty standards, just like fashion, are temporary, and are heavily influenced by the world we live in.

The founder of the All Woman Project is British model Charli Howard – who was dropped from her agency for being too “large” at a UK size 6-8—and body-positive model Clementine Desseaux.

“Women are often segregated or stereotyped in fashion and the media; some are deemed the ‘real’ women of the industry,” Desseaux explained to Mashable, “whereas others are deemed high-fashion and editorial.” She continues, “Your body shape shouldn’t define your femininity or ability as a woman.”

Recognizing the need for body diversity, the All Woman Project was born. By pairing different-looking women in gorgeous fashion-forward photos, they’re providing representation to the “unconventional” and making a powerful statement—we’re more similar than we’re made to think. “We all have physical flaws and imperfections, and that does not make us more or less beautiful,” Desseaux declared. “Rather than retouching or shying away from them, we should embrace them. Our physical attributes do not define us as women; our strength and character do. All of this make us all women.”


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