Deck the halls: Winter is the best time to install garden decking!


Deck the halls: Winter is the best time to install garden decking!

Deck the halls: Winter is the best time to install garden decking!
Deck the halls: Winter is the best time to install garden decking!

Now, with winter upon us, garden decking is not something on many people’s minds. For one, most think that you cannot enjoy the deck during this time of year. Secondly, home improvement and construction are usually left for the warmer months of the year. But when it comes to garden decking, things may actually be the other way around.

There are, obviously, a lot of ways one can take advantage of their garden deck during the colder months. Add some lights to make a cozy atmosphere. Add a temporary roof or place a tarp over your deck to hold in the heat, and, maybe, build a hot tub, and you will feel like you’re on vacation in Finland.

But when it comes to actually decking in winter, things are less obvious, but still advantageous. There are several reasons why garden decking in winter or fall is a better alternative, and here is why.

It will keep your wood in place

When working with wood, especially the kind used in garden decking, it is important to remember that there are several natural processes that will take place after the construction process has ended. This wood usually has about 50 percent moisture content which will gradually evaporate over the following months after the deck has been finished.

If built during spring or summer, this wood will unevenly dry because of the already-humid conditions in the atmosphere, which will, in turn, make the wood bend or even crack. But during the fall or winter, when air humidity is low, this wood will dry more evenly, keeping the planks firm in place over the years to come.

Your garden will be spared

Whoever has seen a construction site can tell you that the ground surrounding it usually does not hold any grass or vegetation. The reasons for this are obvious as workers and materials are constantly being moved around, leaving little in terms of greenery in their path. But if you decide to build your deck during winter, you can spare your plants from this fate and by springtime, it will be as if nothing has happened – with the exception of the deck, of course.

Contractors may give you more attention

As we’ve previously established, construction of any type doesn’t usually take place in winter. This means that contractors may have some idle time on their hands and could be more than willing to take up your project, maybe even at a discount. This could translate to a shorter waiting period – if any – and it can also mean that your decking will be done in a fraction of the time. And if this is the case, and you decide to build in winter, then your deck will be ready by springtime, without you having to wait several weeks before you can actually enjoy it.