Why We Should Photograph Less And Draw More



Every time we see something interesting and beautiful, our first instinct is to capture and preserve it. Luckily in our day and age, almost all of us have access to a video or photo camera, be it a professional one or simply just the phone in our pocket. This way we can take that nice memory home with us and share it with our friends and family.

But as we all know, the ones who are the most interested in these photos are not them but us. And to be honest, not even us really look back on these “memories” more than once or twice before we forget about them completely. Especially if we take hundreds and hundreds of them at a time. Basically, the fewer photos we take the more interesting they are.



Nevertheless, not even this is enough since every time we take a photo or a video of something, we miss out and don’t observe the true beauty of what made us capture it in the first place. We focus our attention on taking the photo or a video and puff, the moment is gone.


This phenomenon was encountered and deemed as dangerous right from the beginning of photography at the end of the 19th century. The first to notice and criticize it was the English art critic John Ruskin. At first he was very impressed by cameras, but with time he noticed that they make us blind to our surroundings. To correct this he advised that people should take up drawing instead.


Not with the purpose of becoming great artists or sketchers, but instead to allow ourselves to truly absorb and notice the beauty and details of what made us stop in our tracks in the first place. Try it out next time you go out. Take a pencil and a sketch book with you next time you go out, find something you really like (something you otherwise would have taken a photo of), sit on a bench or in the shadow of a tree and start drawing.

It doesn’t have to be any good, but by the time you’ll finish, you’ll realize just how much you were missing out just by simply taking a photo. And if you do this enough times, you’ll see that your drawings will get better and better too.

The School Of Life made a short video on the subject and through them we are sharing it with you. Enjoy!