Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or…


Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or…

Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or...
Who Wore It Better? Donald Trump Or…

Who wore it better? Donald Trump or… We all know who Donald Trump is and we know what he wants to do next -being president of the US-. Now we’re not going to talk about his political or presidential dreams, nor how he thinks things should be done business wise, but instead we’ll be talking about his other famous trademark; his hair.

The corn fore example is one of our favorites, but that’s just us. There are several other contenders who could give him  a run for his money. Nevertheless, we hope you like them!

Donald Trump is just one of those figures that can make crowds go crazy, just by being himself. Of course, that’s not necessarily a good thing. Most famous politicians manage to bring the public on their side, but that doesn’t make them good leaders. Not even close. This could also be the case for Republican candidate Donald Trump.

We’ll just have to wait and see what voters will think about him and what will the votes show on election day.

Who wore it better. Donald Trump or …

Donald Trump

Donald Trump






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