What’s the 2017 Christmas Party Look?


What’s the 2017 Christmas Party Look?

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image via designmynight.com

People love or hate the Christmas party. It is an almost impossibility to find someone indifferent to this event. The reason for this is because the Christmas party is not like any other during the course of the year.  When it comes to the latest designer dresses in combination with the Christmas party, things often don’t mix exactly as you’ve wanted them to.

The Christmas party presents a unique opportunity for grownups to have a fun time, without needing to take out the latest dresses in their wardrobe  – that is something usually reserved for the New Years. The Christmas event is not so much about acting cool, but more about the holiday spirit and the end of the work year – which is probably why some hate this particular party in the first place.

Anyway, your attire should reflect this intrinsic element of Christmas. A festive look is more greatly appreciated than a provocative or exposed one. What you should reflect here is actually a version of yourself after a hard day’s work, but in a more sparklier fashion. As these events often are, it’s not the overdressed one that is the best-looking person at the Christmas party.

The latest dress design should be shelved for another week, or so, and instead opt for a gorgeous black trouser suit with flat shoes. Combine it with a printed blouse, and a splash of red color, and you’re ready to go.

If you are intent on investing in something new for this years’ Xmas, then let it be a blouse, instead of the latest dress design. The slinky blouse has went from being a boring workwear to a classic dinner must and is now the perfect element for this year’s Christmas event. They work with everything from jeans, to velvet miniskirt, and leather trousers, offering you a great deal of versatility.

When it comes to accessories, it’s time to bring out your most impractical bag from the depths of your closet. This year’s Christmas party don’t shy away from the silliest and charming accessories you have. Leave your big bag home and take, instead, the smallest one you own. These finishing touches are what will make you stand out in a crowd this Christmas, and not the many women dresses found online. Leave them for the New Years’. This will be the time to be yourself and to bring yourself out as much as possible. A floaty dress or a simple suit with the perfect accessory is all you need to make this event into a fun and pleasurable one.