We Are Running Out Of Music


new music

Even if you believe it or not, we are running out of music. Let’s see why this is. There’s a database out there called Gracenote which holds somewhere around 130 million songs. If we were to listen to all of it, day in and day out, it would take us roughly 1,200 years. Now, that’s a lot of time! But that’s nowhere near as close to what all the possible combinations of tones can sum up to. So, we could safely say that new music is here to stay.

We do however, have to take into account a few factors that may lower this number. First of all, we humans only hear sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Add this together with the fact that we tend to favor only a few notes and use them in most songs, not to mention our tendency to borrow and remix songs and tones from the past. These all together drop the the number of all possible combinations significantly.

When will we run out of new music is up for debate but it most certainly won’t be very soon. We today can still enjoy the trill of a new album coming up and we can even amaze ourselves by playing our own music. The thing that we have to keep in mind though, is that music is finite and every new song we hear is actually part of a whole mass that is Music. Each song has its purpose and it will inevitably be created at some point in the future.