Vintage Snapshots Showcase the Thriving Paris Streets in the 1960s


Vintage Snapshots Showcase the Thriving Paris Streets in the 1960s


Taken throughout the Paris streets over 50 years ago, this series of black and white images captures a sophistication and joie de vivre that encapsulates the infamous City of Lights. Infused with a sense of nostalgia, the way only a collection of vintage black and white pictures can be, these images reveal a window into the idyllic time period of Paris in the 1960’s.

With a distinct street-photography style, the snapshots showcase a candid side of Parisian citizens as they go about their lives, enjoying a coffee and cigarette along the River Seine. However, despite the fact that these photographs were taken decades ago, Paris – with its quaint cafés and bohemian lifestyle—remains as recognizable as ever.

A life similar to idyllic bliss can be found in these Paris streets photos. And as we said before, even if they were taken over half a century ago, things don’t seem to have changed that much. Paris will always be Paris, with it’s amazing streets, beautiful cafes and great people.

What do you think about these images? Do you think they represent Paris in any way? Please leave your opinion down below, in the comment section. The Paris streets will never change themselves.

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