Cool Vintage Photos Of Jackie Kennedy From The 1970s


Cool Vintage Photos Of Jackie Kennedy From The 1970s

Cool Vintage Photos Of Jackie Kennedy From The 1970s
Cool Vintage Photos Of Jackie Kennedy From The 1970s

Jackie Kennedy will always remain an American icon, no matter how much time will pass. She was the former first lady of the country when her husband, John F. Kennedy was president. During her time, she was a standard of fashion all across the country and beyond, bringing her iconic accessories like the pillbox hat and the large sunglasses into many girls’ wardrobe.

On October 20, 1968, Jackie married her old-time friend Aristotle Socrates Onassis, a Greek shipping magnate, who had one of the world’s largest shipping fleets in the world, as well as one of the richest. He was also 23 years older than she was. Nevertheless, from that moment on, she was known as Jacqueline Onassis and subsequently lost the secret service protection given to any widow of a president. She then began being a constant paparazzi target, who began calling her Jackie O.

Some tabloid stories surrounding her went so far that some people began speculating that she will be excommunicated by the Pope. The story went so far that the  Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Richard Cushing had to intervene and call the whole thing as ‘nonsense’.

In any case, here are some vintage photos of Jackie Kennedy during the 1970s.

Jackie Kennedy onboard the Staten Island Ferry, 1976.
Aboard the Staten Island Ferry, returning to Manhattan after touring the Snug Harbor Cultural Center, 1976. It’s at the same time as the one above.
With Lord Fraser, late 1970s.
With the architect Edward Larrabee Barnes and Rose Kennedy in the audience at the Morosco Theatre for “Forty Carats,” 1969.
At Bonwit Teller, 1970.
At the Costume Institute Gala, “Fashions of the Hapsburg Era,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, 1979.
Jackie Kennedy as a newly hired editor at Viking Press, 1975.
Outside the Chanel boutique, 1970.
Around Manhattan, 1970.
Crossing Fifth Avenue, NYC , 1971.

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