Vibrant Temporary Tattoos Designed by Famous Artists


Vibrant Temporary Tattoos Designed by Famous Artists Who Ink Permanent Body Art


Many people want to don body art, but not everyone is willing to subject themselves to the painful process. Luckily, temporary tattoos have made it possible for anyone—regardless of their aversion towards needles—to wear a pain-free design on their skin. Tattoo You is a Calgary-based shop producing them with an interesting twist—famous tattoo artists are the ones creating the designs.

By featuring the work of popular creatives like Sascha Unisex and Nomi Chi, Tattoo You says that they’re reinventing temporary tattoos. Specifically, they’re translating the images and styles of their permanent counterparts and as a result, making them accessible for a wider audience.

There’s an added benefit to the Tattoo You shop, even for those that have permanent ink: if you admire an artist’s work but can’t travel to them, you can still wear one of their authentic designs. See more of their selection on Etsy.

Tattoos have been around for a very long time. People have been inscribing their bodies with all sorts of meaningful images for centuries. The difference back then was that all those tattoos had something to say and weren’t just pretty to look at. Today things are  bit different, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have meaning for their wearer. Nevertheless, enjoy these temporary tattoos, as they look really good.


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