Vending Machine Dispenses Free Books To Children



This vending machine dispenses free books to children, instead of your usual sodas, snacks and chocolate bars, making it a great idea for both parents and kids.

The Book Vending Machine program started in Washington D.C. and it’s the first program of its kind, offering children free books in order for them to learn English or to become acquainted with different fairy tails.

The vending machines that dispenses free books for children are located in several parts of the city, like churches, grocery stores and in the Salvation Army. The book vending machines are stocked with a large variety of books and children can take as many as they want.

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Making sure that kids develop a life-long love of reading when they are really young is really important to us. We figured that that helps us have better future crew members and people who work for us,” says Icema Gibbs, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility for JetBlueAirways, the company behind this brilliant campaign.

Our program is based on trying to get books in the hands of children who don‘t have age-appropriate books at home. They can touch and pick a book that was important to them so nobody, no adult was telling them what book they had to take, she added.



This vending machine dispenses free books to children and such campaigns should be encouraged by more companies that want to make a change in how the future generations will be shaped.