Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Is Being Built In Norway


Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Is Being Built In Norway

Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Is Being Built In Norway
Europe’s First Underwater Restaurant Is Being Built In Norway

Dining under the waves is something many want to experience at least once in their lives. Luckily one such underwater restaurant will open in Norway. The Norwegian architectural firm, Snøhetta has recently announced their involvement with Under, Europe’s first such underwater restaurant. This dining venue will be located right on the southern coast of Norway, close to the village of Båly.

And because of its unique location, the underwater restaurant will also double as a marine life research centre. Now, to be fair, there are other submerged venues around the world, but all of them are located in tropical climates. Under, on the other hand, offers us the chance to actually take a look beneath the icy-cold water of the North Sea. Its architecture makes it be half sunken as if the land beneath it began to suddenly sink into the water. Nevertheless, its 3.2 feet (1 metre) thick walls will keep you safe from both the pressure and the rough waters.

“More than an aquarium, the structure will become a part of its marine environment, coming to rest directly on the seabed almost 16.5 feet (5 meters) below the water’s surface,” explains Snøhetta.

The huge window will act as a sort of sunken periscope, giving people a unique experience and point of view. The underwater restaurant is set on three levels, and patrons enter the wardrobe, which itself marks the beginning of the descent into the abyss. Going one floor down, people are greeted with the champagne bar and at this point, the transition between the surface and the deep becomes apparent.

At the third and final level, they will enjoy their meal while literally staring into the abyss. All throughout the inside of the semi-submerged structure, a muted palette of the interior will immerse the patrons into an actual atmosphere of the North Sea, as seen from below.

All of these tiny details are made in such a way so as to activate the senses, drawing people into the atmosphere and serene tranquillity of the deep. Chosen wisely, the name Under has a double meaning in Norwegian – in that it can also translate to wonder. Over time, the thick walls of the restaurant will be covered by molluscs and other marine life, thus completing the circle and idea that humans are, in fact, connected to nature, more so than most think or want to believe.