Underwater Europe – 7 Scuba Diving Destinations On The Old Continent



We rarely think about Europe as being a good place to go scuba diving and nobody knows why. Probably because there is so many other things to see that people opt to doing something else. Or maybe because there are other places around the world which are better as scuba diving destinations. After seeing these seven examples below, you can be sure that this is not true.


The Amphorae Caves are located off the shores of Cyprus and serve as a popular destination for scubadivers. Dive into the clear blue waters and find natural caves, fish and more hidden beneath the surface.



This 13 ton Jesus statue, sitting at the floor of the Mediterranean, was originally sunk near St Paul island and blessed by Pope John Paul in 1990 to protect the fishermen of Malta. The statue is a replica of the Christ of the Abyss in Italy.



Corvo Island is a tiny island located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s home to around only 500 people and is owned by Portugal. Thanks to its small population, the island is still naturally beautiful and makes for a dream scuba destination.



Ireland may not be known for its underwater adventure, but it’s a surprisingly ideal spot for it. The country is home to an array of wildlife, including dolphins, seals and more. Put on the scuba gear, dive in and see what you can find.



Welcome to Iceland, where you’ll find some of the clearest water in the world. At the Silfra Fissure dive site, you’ll be in the midst of unique underwater landscapes that can only be found here. And thanks to the clear water, you’ll get a great look at it all.

Croatia is home to an eclectic group of underwater flora and fauna. That’s why experienced divers constantly flock to the shores of Croatia to explore. From rare species found only in the Adriatic to sunken galleons, there’s always something to discover.



For some of the best diving in the Mediterranean Sea, just look off the shores of Italy. The island of Sardinia boasts clear waters, colorful coral and vibrant wildlife. You might even find sunken treasure. It’s just another example of underwater Europe at its best.