Unbelievable And Unheard of Weapons Used in WW2 – Amazing WW2 weapons


These amazing and unbelievable WW2 weapons will rock your world. It’s hard to imagine that some of these weapons were actually invented over 70 years ago. Over the course of history, engineers as well as regular individuals raced to take human ingenuity to newer levels in various domains, weapons and warfare being one of them.

Could you imagine a world where these WW2 weapons were still up and kicking and wars would still be taking place in the world and where we would still be using the weirdest methods of destroying the enemy?

Let’s see some of the weirdest, unthinkable and rather strange WW2 weapons.

The Bat Bomb
Unbelievable and Weird WW2 Weapons

 Although it sounds like a device that would be used by Batman, this is an actual bomb that contained living bats. Developed by the US Army in order to be used against Japan during WW2, each bomb would contain 40 hibernating bats, every one of them having a small napalm time bomb attached. After deployment the time bombs would offer their bat hosts enough time to fly away and find a random place to settle, then the napalm time bombs would explode, setting everything on fire.

Anti Tank Dogs
Unbelievable and Weird WW2 Weapons

The Nazi’s treason during WW2 caught the Sovient Union on the wrong foot. In a desperate attempt to keep away the Nazi troops invading their territories, soviets attached explosive charges on dogs and trained them to run and hide under German tanks. The soviet propaganda claims that this strategy destroyed almost 300 Nazi tanks. This anti tank dog program was active until 1996.

Airplane Carrying Submarines
Unbelievable and Weird WW2 Weapons

Royal Japanese Marine released at the peak of WW2 three submarines named Sen Toki I-400. These submarines were large enough to carry three Aichi M6A Seiran airplanes, under water. The submarines were capable of rising to the surface, launch the airplanes, and dive again. In addition to this they were also equipped with torpedoes. Only three of these submarines were ever built.

Pigeon Guided Missiles
Unbelievable and Weird WW2 Weapons

Developed by respected psychologist B.F. Skinner, this strange approach had the codename “Project Pigeon” and the device contained three pigeons, with a deadly amount of explosive at their disposal. Each pigeon with its own compartment, having a display in front of them that would show a reflected image of the target. Despite an effective demonstration the project was abandoned, and eventually more conventional solutions, such as those based on radar, became available. Skinner complained that “our problem was no one would take us seriously.” It seemed that few people would trust pigeons to guide a missile no matter how reliable the system appeared to be.

The “Bazooka Vespa”
Unbelievable and Weird WW2 Weapons

With its actual name Vespa 150 TAP and equipped with a 75mm recoil cannon, this killer scooter was deployed by parachute and was able to penetrate up to 100mm of armor. The actual Bazooka Vespa team had 2 Vespa scooters and a team of 2 men. One scooter was carrying the cannon while the other one had the ammunition. The Vespa however was meant only to carry the canon, when it came to actual shooting, the two members of the team had to dismount the cannon and mount it on a tripod in order to take the shot.