Two Totally Different Twins – Lucy and Maria Aylmer



Lucy and Maria Aylmer are two 18 year old sisters who live in Gloucester, United Kingdom. By the looks of them, you might say that they are either step sisters or at least have one different parent. But no, the answer is more surprising and straightforward than that. They are twins!


This is not the first instance of non-identical twins, but Lucy and Maria are of different races, meaning that one -Lucy- has fair skin, ginger hair and bright blue eyes, while Maria has curly hair, brown eyes and a darker complexion.


This happened, as you might expect, because of their parents. Their father is completely white, while their mother is half black from Jamaica and half white. All of the girls other siblings have a complexion between them, meaning that none are as white as Lucy nor as dark as Maria.


Their differences don’t stop here however, since both have very different personalities. Maria is very outgoing, dresses in stylish clothes, interacts very well with other people and is currently a law student at Cheltenham College. Lucy on the other hand is the exact opposite. She’s very reclusive and shy, dresses mostly casual and studies art and design at Gloucester College. One might even say that while they’re the same, in fact they are two totally different twins.