Turnip Rock, Michigan’s Outstanding Natural Wonder


Turnip Rock

Turnip Rock, Michigan’s outstanding natural wonder is a very small geological formation, located near Lake Huron, just a few feet offshore. Situated in very shallow waters, next to the rock called Thumbnail, which is the extreme tip of Point Aux Barques, Turnip Rock is one of Michigan’s most fascinating landmarks.

Every year, this little natural jewel gets smaller and smaller, being undercut by waves, making the top to be much wider than it’s basis. Such and unusual mushroom-shaped rock can rarely be seen in nature, making Turnip Rock all the more enchanting.

People who enjoy nature and traveling, can take a kayak from Port Austin and visit Turnip Rock from up close and get a real life view of one of nature’s most fascinating gems.

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During the last few years, a concrete collar has been built around the rock in order to prevent it from being completely destroyed by waves and in 2013, it was one of the twenty finalists in the “Seven Wonders of Michigan” contest.

People rarely take the time to enjoy nature and its marvels, but when you get the chance, don’t forget that we have a whole world out there to explore and why not start with something small and beautiful.

Turnip Rock in 1906