Trump Forest Gathers Momentum As People Around The World Pledge To Plant Trees


Trump Forest Gathers Momentum As People Around The World Pledge To Plant Trees

Trump Forest Gathers Momentum As People Around The World Pledge To Plant Trees
Trump Forest Gathers Momentum As People Around The World Pledge To Plant Trees

The Trump Forest is a project that looks to combat the terrible policies the Trump administration is looking to implement. Calling climate change a Chinese ‘hoax’, President Donald Trump is trying to dismantle all the policies and pledges the United States had made under the previous administration.

Among these being, of course, the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement, refinancing the coal industry, even though nobody is looking into that, plus the many deregulations for companies looking to skip on technologies and implementations that would make them from spewing gases into the atmosphere or to dump all sorts of pollutants into the water supply.

Anyway, a group of three environmentalists have created the Trump Forest initiative as a way to combat the President’s policies. Based in New Zealand, the three are a French-New Zealander entrepreneur named Adrien Taylor, a British climate scientist named Dan Price, and an American political scientist named Jeff Willis.

When they first started the project back in January of this year, they wanted to plant a tree every time someone in Trump said the words ‘climate change.’ Unfortunately, however, that pharse is being phased out, and in some cases, even banned in certain branches of the government.

Adrien Taylor, Dan Price, and Jeff Williams founded Trump Forest in March

After the President signed an executive order on March 29, saying that climate change doesn’t matter to the administration, including plans to dismantle Obama’s Clean Power Plan, then the tree environmentalists decided to take the Trump Forest project a step further and with it, try and cover all the adverse effects this administration will to the environment.

According to their calculations, it would take some 10 billion trees to be planted in order to achieve their goal. They are fully conscious that everyone will end up paying for the bad decisions this administration is doing, and blaming them when it’s too late, will not help anyone. These 10 billion trees will be able to suck up some 650 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere and trapping it into their trunks. This is roughly the equivalent of CO2 the Clean Power Plan would be able to do if it were to be implemented over the next 8 years.

That number of trees seem to be overwhelming and almost impossible to achieve for three people. And that is most likely true, but luckily anyone can be part of this project. As an example, over the past four weeks, the number of trees pledged by people as part o Trump Forest has risen from 50,000 to over 500,000.

“Obviously it’s a big challenge,” Price says of their goal of planting 10 billion trees. “We are looking to cover an area about the size of Kentucky or the North Island of New Zealand or Iceland,” he explains. “These aren’t huge areas, especially when you break them down by country. Split that between 200 countries around the world, and it’s not too bad.”

Now, unlike all the other things that hold up Trump’s name, the Trump Forest has nothing to do with him or his family and they hold no stake in it whatsoever. Its creators said that they would hope the President would find out about it, though, and they are more than willing to work out an agreement with him if he is willing to take part in a better future. But regardless of him, anyone can take part in this project.