What Is Tribulus Strength and How It Works – If It Does


What Is Tribulus Strength and How It Works – If It Does

What Is Tribulus Strength and How It Works - If It Does
What Is Tribulus Strength and How It Works – If It Does

Based on a plant with the same name, Tribulus Strength is a supplement that is said to increase the libido and raise overall energy levels. The plant itself, the Tribulus Terrestris, has been used as alternative medicine for a wide variety of kidney and skin disorders, as well as to treat erectile dysfunction, and even increase the sex drive, among many other uses. The plant does contain chemicals that were shown to increase hormones in some animals, but not in humans.

The company behind Tribulus Strength is Bayberg Supplements, located in the USA. It manufactures and deals in nutritional supplements, for both men and women, sometimes including sports supplements as well.

The manufacturing company claims that these are the benefits of Tribulus Strength:

  • increased libido and sexual performance
  • improvement in energy
  • improved physical and athletic performance
  • improved fertility

The active ingredient in this food supplement is the powdered form of the above-mentioned Tribulus Terrestris. This might give the supplement the status of being ‘natural’, but the effects of it are still not fully understood. It was also observed that the plant may also have some possible side effects such as prostate problems or prostate cancer, diabetes, and might affect a fetus during its development in the womb. In fact, before the advent of modern medicine, women would take the plant in order to cause an abortion.

The way Tribulus Strength works is by first boosting testosterone levels in the body. This higher level of testosterone raises, in turn, the sex drive and contributes to a higher libido and fertility overall. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 85 to 250 mg taken alongside three daily meals.

At this point in time, it is fairly hard to pinpoint any pros or cons about Tribulus Strength. Because of the lack of any meaningful research on the supplement, we can only offer educated guesses. Nevertheless, here are the pros and cons as of date:


  • It might give a boost of energy
  • It might increase the libido and fertility
  • It might help with physical exercises and lean muscle mass
  • It might improve sex life


  • There isn’t enough scientific research to back up or disprove the claims
  • It might have unforeseen side effects
  • It might do nothing at all (which, given the point above, could be a good thing)
  • It might be a waste of money

Tribulus Strength is available for purchase in may online stores, like Amazon.

Now, even though, no side effects were reported about Tribulus Strength, some animals that were given large quantities of it as part of a study, showed signs of muscle coordination disturbances. This, of course, doesn’t automatically mean that it also applies to humans, especially if not ingested in large quantities.

There is also the risk of testing positive in certain drug tests. While most manufacturers claim that this cannot happen, other experts say that the plant extract can raise the urinary testosterone/epitestosterone ratio which could put athletes at risk of testing positiveFurthermore, the few studies that have been made on the plant extract have shown no signs of testosterone level changes, or increase in muscle mass in athletes.

We cannot give an opinion on the product, either way. Not until further scientific research is done on both the plant extract and the supplement itself.