TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram


TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram

TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram
TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram

The top 20 most popular people on Instagram are most likely the most popular in the world as well. Given Instagram‘s huge rise in users, it’s just like having a worldwide survey on coolness where celebrities take the cake. They always have!

Since so many celebs are battling for the title of Instagram King or Queen, without scrolling down to see the results, who do you think is the most popular person? Keep your answer in mind and let us know in the comments where does your guess rank in the standings.

20. Rihanna 

TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram
TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram

Instagram: @badgalriri

Followers: 39 million

19. Demi Lovato

TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram
TOP 20 Most Popular People On Instagram

Instagram: @ddlovato

Followers: 39.4 million

18. Kourtney Kardashian


Instagram: @kourtneykardash

Followers: 40.5 million

17. Miley Cyrus


Instagram: @mileycyrus

Followers: 43.2 million

16. Leo Messi from FC Barcelona


Instagram: @leomessi

Followers: 43.5 million

15. Jennifer Lopez


Instagram: @jlo

Followers: 45 million

14. Katy Perry


Instagram: @katyperry

Followers:48.7 million

13. Khloe Kardashian


Instagram: @khloekardashian

Followers: 49.6 million

12. Neymar Jr from FC Barcelona


Instagram: @neymarjr

Followers: 49.8 million

11. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson


Instagram: @therock

Followers: 53.2 million

Now let’s see who made it in the TOP 10 most popular people on Instagram standings. We can almost feel the excitement in the air!

TOP 10 Most Popular People On Instagram

10. Nicki Minaj


Instagram: @nickiminaj

Followers: 55.7 million

9. Kendall Jenner


Instagram: @kendalljenner

Followers: 57.9 million

8. Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid


Instagram: @cristiano

Followers: 59.4 million

7. Kylie Jenner


Instagram: @kyliejenner

Followers: 61.9 million

6. Justin Bieber


Instagram: @justinbieber

Followers: 69.3 million

5. Kim Kardashian West


Instagram: @kimkardashian

Followers: 71.5 million

4. Beyoncé


Instagram: @beyonce

Followers: 71.8 million

3. Ariana Grande


Instagram: @arianagrande

Followers: 73 million

2. Taylor Swift


Instagram: @taylorswift

Followers: 78.7 million

And now, if you still haven’t guessed the most popular person on Instagram yet, here she is! The one and only, Selena Gomez!

1. Selena Gomez


Instagram: @selenagomez

Followers: 80.8 milion

Being the only person in the world to have passed the 80 million followers mark, Selena Gomez just won the title of Instagram Queen!