And You Thought There Aren’t Any Male Pin Ups Out There?


And You Thought There Aren’t Any Male Pin Ups Out There?

And You Though There Aren't Any Male Pin Ups Out There?
And You Thought There Aren’t Any Male Pin Ups Out There?

Male Pin Ups aren’t really a thing, it seems. Well, the whole pin up trend died out some time ago, but even then, there weren’t any male pin ups out there. Not until now, at least. Pin ups have, for a long time, been a source of fascination for many men, with pin up girls appearing in their wallets or the walls of their house. Pin ups appeared mostly as a way to sell calendars that were to be hanged on walls, even if they somehow made their way in outdoor latrines too.

Nevertheless, Paul Richmond, a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design has finally completed what was left unfinished. Richmond is a world recognised artist and activist whose paintings are a somewhat of a symbol for the LGBTQ community. As a gay man himself, his works are a sort of medium through which he explores his own personality, as well as a means of opening a dialogue with other members of the community.

After he graduated from college in 2002, he came out of the closet, so to speak. And ever since then he’s been down this journey of self-exploration and more tightly knitting the LGBTQ community. With this male Pin ups, he hopes to challenge the conventional social constructs of our society that exist in regards to sexual orientation and gender roles.

Throughout his career, Richmond has published over two hundred and fifty novel cover illustrations. He’s also numerous art journals and anthologies and has been part of numerous art exhibitions all across the US. Today, he also holds community art classes for Stonewall Columbus and has encouraged LGBTQ teens who have been abused or hazed b their peers to express their feelings through the medium of art. He currently lives with his husband, Dennis Niekro, and their two dogs in Columbus, Ohio.


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