This Water Bottle Will Glow When You Need To Hydrate Yourself


Named HidrateMe, this “smartbottle” will pair up with your smartphone, and remind you to take a sip, whenever your body needs to.

How Does It Work?

HidrateMe is equipped with a sensor that monitors when and how much water you drink. The bottle itself is connected wireless to your smartphone, through a special app that monitors your activity. Following a smart algorithm, they work together and remind you whenever is best for you to take a drink, so that you maintain the best hydration level. Notification is done by a cool light that slowly lights up at the middle of the bottle.


How Does It Look?

Pretty “cool” actually. One would expect a “smartbottle” to have a weird design, but the guys over at Hidrate Inc did a damn good job.



With such a sleek design, you can take this bottle with you wherever your are headed, without it being out of its place. From office meetings to the street or at the gym, HidrateMe will look cool for the occasion.

It also comes in a variety of colours.


Still, white is our personal favorite. And having a decent capacity of 24 oz (710 ml) it will need only a few refills in a day.


Shut up and take my money!

We would love to! (take your money, not shut up) But if you like this product and would love to own it, this can be done by supporting the developer’s KickStarter project, right here, and for as low as 39$ you can be one of the early owners of this revolutionary smartbottle.