This Tiny Swimmer’s Wrist Band Is a Life Preserver



A hefty, bright-orange life preserver isn’t the most flattering thing to sport while spending a day on the water, but, for safety’s sake, we wear one anyway. However, now that there’s an alternative—the Kingii, a new type of life-preserver alternative—we may be opting out of the torso padding. According to the U.S. Coast Guard, 82 percent of drowning victims in 2013 were not wearing a life-preserver.

Kingii intends to fix that by providing consumers with a non-invasive life-preserver that they can wear on their wrist as a wrist band. The portable flotation device basically works like an air bag in your car: In the case of an emergency, the wearer pulls the lever to inflate a small bag that can float anyone up to 275 pounds. Weighing in at about 4.9 ounces (around .31 lbs.), it’s pretty much seamless for any water sport or seaside activity.

The wrist band is equipped with a whistle and a compass as well. Its adjustable one-size-fits-most design accommodates just about anyone from a small child to a large adult. However, please note, Kingii isn’t recommended for children under the age of six, so keep those orange vests around for little ones.