This Telephone Tower in Stockholm Connected 5000 Telephone Lines 100 Years Ago



From 1887 – 1913 this amazing Telephone Tower served as the biggest telephone hub in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. About 5000 telephone lines were connected here. The building was so admired that even after it was decommissioned in 1913 it still remained as a historic building, until it was destroyed by a fire 40 years later.

This telephone tower is evidence of just how much we are able to evolve in just over a century of development. Imagine if things were still this way today! Every household to have a cable coming out of its wall and covering the entire sky. And it won’t be just one tower but hundreds, and all over the place. But nevertheless, we have to think of this tower as a true pinnacle of technology during those times. This was the fastest means of communication more than one hundred years ago.

We today have the internet to shine our way to the future. Back then, there was this telephone tower. Every leap in human cultural and scientific evolution came about shortly after advancements made in communication. First came speech, then writing, then paper, books, the printing press, telephones and now, the internet. Every time humanity became more connected with itself, new technological and cultural marvels came into being. This telephone tower, if it survived to this day, would have been a true landmark for the advancements of the human race.

In this amazing series of photos courtesy of Tekniska Museet, we get a glimpse at how the world was connected over a century ago.


stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-2 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-3 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-4 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-5

stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-7 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-8 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-11 stockholm-telephone-tower-1887-1913-over-5000-telephone-lines-connected-91