This Suit Ages You 30 Years So You Can Experience How It Feels Like To Be Old



This suit ages you 30 years so you can experience how it feels like to be old with a hands-on, real life approach. The R70i, commissioned by Gemworth Financial, was presented at the Aspen Ideas Festival and took the whole audience by surprise.

The R70i suit ages you 30 years so you can experience old age while you’re young, offering a better understanding of how hard some old people have it and it also makes people rethink their lifestyles.

Adding weight, restricting movement and even impairing vision, the R70i aging suit is definitely something to try at least once in your lifetime, before experiencing old age when you’re actually old.


The R70i suit ages you 30 years, instantly, and you will feel how hard it is to even lift your hands, go to the market or even take a simple walk through the park.

This aging suit is so advanced, it evens simulates glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and hearing loss, tinnitus and aphasia, all by putting on the helmet that comes with the R70i suit.

After trying out the R70i suit that ages you 30 years, you’ll probably start thinking more seriously about the future and you will definitely want to get in shape.