This Kid Just Made His Mother Cry and Gave the Entire World a Lesson in Humanity! (VIDEO)



This kid just made his mother cry and gave the entire world a lesson in humanity and we can honestly say that with more kids like Luiz Antonio, the future of our planet and that of the human species is starting to look mighty bright!

Continue reading, because trust us, there is a lesson in humanity to be learned here, from the most unexpected place, in the most unexpected situation.

Luiz Antonio asked his mother what was in his plate and when she told him that they were about to eat octopus, his questions started to escalate. Wanting to be sure that the octopus was not an animal and that the food he was about to eat was not killed, he kept on asking questions until his mother started crying.

This kid is a natural born vegan, and although there are at least 10 reasons why everybody should hate vegans and vegetarians, you simply can’t stop loving this little boy. Besides the fact that little Luiz gives us a lesson in humanity, without even knowing it, his choices of eating could be included among the best diets for losing weight.

She started crying because she was proud of her son that gave her, and the entire world, a lesson in humanity!