This is What Happens When Women Draw Their Ideal Penis Shape & Size (VIDEO)




We usually know what happens when boys draw penises because it’s kind of a standard image, exercised to perfection during high school years, but this is what happens when women draw their ideal penis shape & size!

It’s going to get weirder and weirder. With all the sex, orgies and absolutely amazing sex world records you can find on the Internet, not to mention all the intense Japanese Kama Sutra sexual positions available on free porn sites, we still have time to look at how women draw their ideal penis shape & size.

You know why? Because these are real women, the ones you would like to date, not some talking and thinking artificial intelligence sex dolls. These women are real, not the world’s sexiest female porn stars, and they’re adorable in every single way. Did we mention that we love seeing women draw their ideal penis shape & size? Okay, let’s continue…

It’s pretty weird to see the female gender trying to reproduce on paper the male genitalia, because you almost never see men trying to recreate a vagina using a sheet of paper and a pencil (in all fairness, men don’t actually know what’s going on down there).

So, enough chit-chat, because you came here for the results, not for the lessons. Do you fit (pun intended!) any of the descriptions below?

This is how it looks like when women draw their ideal penis shape & size. What’s your take on this? Would you add any details? Any observations to make? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments.