This Is Not Your Regular Cat, This Is The Communication Manager Of A Tech Startup



You may have clicked on the picture to see this cute little cat, but this is not your regular cat, this is the Communication Manager of a tech startup from Romania.

The cat is very suggestively named Bossulica (a Romanian diminutive for “Boss”) and he is in charge of all the communication affairs undertakes. Bossulica was selected from over 700 candidates that submitted their CV’s for the job and the recruiting process took a few months until the guys from this very cool Internet tech startup made a final decision.

As the new Communication Manager of CatBox, a Romanian startup company that sells personalized gifts, the nine-month-old Scottish Fold will personally stamp all the gift boxes sent out to clients.

Times are tough in Romania and even a graceful and competent manager like Bossulica will only get a EUR 200 ($225) salary, out of which half will be payed in cat food, and the rest will go to his owner.

Cats have really conquered the world, and now they are taking jobs away from people like you and I! Can you blame them? We can’t! We just love them!








“Good morning! Is everybody at work? Where’s my coffee?”


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