This Is How 17 Different Foods Look like Growing in Their Natural Habitats


Before our favorite fruits, nuts, spices, and veggies are harvested and distributed around the world for our culinary enjoyment, they often look astonishingly different from what we’re used to seeing. Seeds, stalks, roots, filaments—do you know what forms your snacks took in their natural habitats? Inspired by a list put together by Bright Side, we’ve compiled some common foods in their raw, untouched states. What you see may surprise you!

We’re no longer used to see how food is grown and living in a globalized society, we have the opportunity to eat foods and plants which can grow half way across the world. Because of these facts we’ve brought you these photos, showing how different fruits and plants look like growing up.


PineapplePhoto: jje

BananaPhoto: asergeev

CacaoPhoto: Luisovalles

AlmondPhoto: AJACS

BroccoliPhoto: Ting Chen

MustardPhoto: Andreas Trepte

MangoPhoto: Josch13

PeanutPhoto: Joseph Hill

KiwiPhoto: Viaouest

CoffeePhoto: Kathy & sam

SesamePhoto: Anna Frodesiak

Black pepperPhoto: K Hari Krishnan

PistachioPhoto: Daniel Dennis

SaffronPhoto: Emma Cooper

VanillaPhoto: Kevin Harber

CashewPhoto: Abhishek Jacob

WalnutPhoto: marionberaudias