This House in Siberia is Literally Upside Down




This house in Siberia is literally upside down and it’s considered a remarkable architectural gem. Just because this house from Siberia is upside down doesn’t make it all that special in comparison with other similar constructions, but this house is unique because it has even the interior design and all the furniture placed literally on the ceiling.

You simply can’t find a house like this in a cooler (yet again, literally!) place than the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, in the Russian Federation.

We have to admit that it takes a country like Russia to develop such strange and beautiful works of architecture, and the people of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, couldn’t be happier to have an international tourist attraction located right in their home town.

Architecture, especially in former communist states, can be a real treasure, and a real delight to admire. Don’t believe us? Just look at Romania’s People’s Palace in Bucharest – One beast of a building.



I guess it’s not that hard to put the Christmas star on the Christmas tree.


This house in Siberia is literally upside down.


Just imagine going to the toilet. Not to mention the simple fact that you also have to flush it.


Yup. Imagine a family reunion where everybody gathers around the chandelier…


You have to be eccentric to eat your breakfast upside down.