These Secret Underwater Gardens Off The Coast Of Italy Could Be The Future Of Agriculture



These secret underwater gardens off the coast of Italy could be the future of agriculture and what an amazing future indeed.

This secret little place is called Nemo’s Garden and it’s a place where Sergio Gabriel decided to do some experiments with a different type of agriculture. And guess what? His experiment is turning out to be a huge success.

Orto di Nemo (or Nemo’s Garden – the English version) is comprised out of an underwater greenhouse where the temperature doesn’t fluctuate, thus creating the perfect place for growing different types of plants.


These secrets gardens are located 30 feet (9 meters) underwater right off the coast of Noli, in Italy. Inside, the scuba-gardener Sergio Gabriel, also president of Ocean Reef Group, is now growing basil, strawberries and lettuce, and due to the fact that no natural enemies of these plants can come anywhere near them, a safe environment is automatically created.

All the plants are very carefully planted and protected and this type of gardening proves to be extremely efficient and could be the first step in taking agriculture to the future.