The Most Expensive Cheese In The World Is Made From Sow Milk. How Does It Taste?



Yes, it’s true (and weird), the most expensive cheese in the world is made from sow milk. How does it taste, you ask? Well, we’ll have to get a little deeper into the story until we can explain the exact taste of the most expensive cheese in the world.

A small farm in The Netherlands is the first in the world to produce sow cheese (yes, it’s pig cheese!). The new luxury product will cost even more than donkey (she-ass) cheese, which used to be the most expensive cheese in the world until now.


This unique idea belongs to Erik Stenink, the owner of Piggy’s Palace farm, who first began making cheese out of sow milk as an experiment, to see if it’s doable. And yes, pig (sow) cheese in doable, it’s delicious and it’s the most expensive dairy product in the world.

Because sows are really hard to milk, he initially managed to produce just about 1 lbs (0,5 kg) of sow cheese, which he later sold to an anonymous buyer and the money received was all donated to charity. Sow cheese (yes, we’re still talking about pig cheese!) is richer in proteins than cow cheese, making it more nutritious, especially for people who want to build up muscular mass.

Being a very new food product, Erik says that a lot of people are interested in tasting the most expensive cheese in the world, but given the fact that it’s very hard to produce, sow cheese is only available on pre-order.


It takes about 10 l (2,64 US gallons) of sow milk to produce 2,2 lbs (1 kg) of sow cheese. In order to get 10 l of sow milk, farmers have to work about 40 hours, because a sow produces milk for a period of 30 seconds every other 2 hours, making the process of producing the most expensive cheese in the world very time-consuming.


The price of the most expensive cheese in the world, which we were all wondering about, is $1.150/lbs ($2.300/kg), and considering the number of hours farmers have to work in order to produce this very eccentric cheese, made out of sow milk, we can definitely say it’s worth a try.

The taste of sow milk cheese is similar matured cottage cheese made from cow milk, except for the fact that the cheese made from sow milk is saltier and creamier. Would you try the most expensive cheese in the world?