The Most Beautiful Street In The World Is In Brazil



The most beautiful street in the world is in Brazil, namely in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul and its name is Rua Gonçalo de Carvalho. It got this name due to the tall Tipuana trees that form an immense canopy overhead, almost resembling a 500 meter long, green tunnel. This street doesn’t earn its name simply because it looks like it does, but also because the locals take good care of it. Beauty doesn’t simply grow on trees after all! Or does it?

Nevermind that. These trees were planted here somewhere around the 1930s by some German workers from the nearby brewery. Since then these jungle like trees have grown so much that they now reach the windows from the 7th floor apartments.


In 2005 some plans were put in place to build a new shopping mall in the area. This however meant to cut some of the trees in order to make room for the new building. The locals had none of it and got together to write a petition to the city hall in order to stop the construction. This was a success and the shopping mall didn’t happen. Moreover, the street was declared a historical, cultural and natural heritage of the city and it will remain where it is for some time to come.

We should take example from these Brazilians and make our own streets look like that. Just imagine living in a place like this! How beautiful it looks going out of your house every day and being surrounded by such an amazing wall of green.

And besides the obvious beauty, having streets like this all over our cities would lower the pollution generated by cars. We would be able to breathe in fresh air in the heart of every city. We only need to work together with our neighbors and make the place we live in a suitable home for all.




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