The Immense Scale Of The New Apple HQ Is Revealed In Drone Footage



The latest developments of the new megalithic structure that will be the new Apple HQ were revealed at the begging of August of this year by an unofficial drone flyby around the area. The spaceship like complex which is called Apple Campus 2 is a 2.8 million sq. foot development an costs somewhere around $5 billion to build.


It’s so huge that the previous largest man made structure in the world, the Pentagon, can easily fit in the new Apple HQ circular inner courtyard. The building will be so massive that it will have roughly one mile in diameter. The good news behind humongous structure is that, when it’s finished it will be 100% energy efficient. Tim Cook Says Apple’s New Spaceship Campus Will be the “Greenest Building on the Planet”.


The circular four story building will house some 700,000 sq. feet of solar panels on its roof and will provide jobs for 13,000 people. The video below was made with these present videos made on the site but are voiced over by Steve Jobs back in 2011 when he first introduced the plans for the building.

The movie pans over multiple sections of the site, with captions that identify features of the construction landscape such as the on-site cement plant, auditorium, and 300,000-square-foot R&D facilities. Aerial videos taken on August 1, 2015 have been overlaid on the new footage to show the progress made in the last month.