The Daily Routines of Some Famous Creative People



As it turns out, people are not all the same, and the same goes for celebrities and famous minds alike. Same as everything else, the daily routines differ from one person to the next, just like each individual personality. Below we’ll show you the daily routines of some of the most creative minds that have ever lived.

You can just see that no two graphs are the same, with some people liking to work during the day while others at night. Balzac for example liked to go to sleep early, around 6 o’clock, but then wake up at about one in the morning and start work, up until about 8, just for an hour’s sleep, only to start work again.

Others liked to add a bit of physical exercise in their daily routines, just like Charles Dickens or John Milton. Others even had to work somewhere else and had to incorporate that in too. But whatever the case, we can see a lot of consistency in their schedules, even though diverse, they did the same thing over and over until they made it and then some. Nevertheless, take a look at this list below and please tell us what you think.