The Complete History and Lore of Game Of Thrones

History and Lore of Game Of Thrones

While most of us have read the books and even more have watched the TV Show, not many know the beginnings of the Game Of Thrones universe. Who were the Starks or the Lannisters and how they came to be such great houses? When and how did the Targaryens manage to subdue the whole of Westeros under their rule? Who built the Great Wall guarded by the Night’s Watch and who created that order in the first place?

Here we have a series of animated videos, describing in detail the history of this fictional world, showing us just how complex and intertwined it really is. These videos are narrated by many of the cast members in the TV Show, telling the story of their families or their own version of events as they happened.

This complete history and lore of Game of Thrones can really make us understand better the relationships between the different characters within the show and the books and helps us put a face to some of them.

It is quite hard to see who is who and keep up with everybody in the GoT Universe and this certainly helps us a lot in remembering and understanding the roles and positions of many people in the show. Being narrated by the cast members themselves is a definite plus and immerses us even deeper into the story. Have fun and please enjoy these stories as much as we did.