The Bike Washing Machine Is The Coolest Thing A Cyclist That Hates Laundry Could Wish For



The Bike Washing Machine is the coolest thing a cyclist that hates laundry could wish for and if you don’t believe us, just wait and see how this invention looks like and what it can really do.

Just the simple idea that you can do your laundry and get yourself in shape is a huge selling point, but when you take in consideration that it saves space in your home and conserves energy, what other thing could you possibly wish for?

The thing that will keep the washing machine going and clean your clothes at the same time is the pedaling coming from your feet, this leading to lower electricity bills and a fitter body. Considering that your clothes will be washed at the rate you’ll pedal, the faster you’ll cycle, the faster your clothes will be cleaned and ready for use.

The Bike Washing Machine was designed by a group of students at the Dalian Nationalities University from China and it has not been launched yet, but plans for the first prototype are on their way and we can hardly wait for this invention to reach the market!

How about you? Do you want to get in shape in an unconventional yet very productive way?