The Best Way To Stop Climate Change Is To Go Vegan



How to stop climate change? First, when talking about climate change and pollution, we immediately think about cars emissions, power plants and all sorts of other industry related waste. While this is true to a large extent, all of these combined just barely break even with animal agriculture in terms of greenhouse gases.

Yes, you heard me correctly; modern animal husbandry is responsible for half of the Earth’s rising temperatures and overall pollution. There are currently about 1.5 billion cattle worldwide and each one emits 65 gallons of methane gas into the atmosphere as they digest their food. This gas traps 25 times more heat into the atmosphere than CO2. In order to stop climate change, we first must find the primary sources of it.


Moreover, a dairy farm of just about 1500 cattle produces as much waste as a city of 400,000 people. And this waste ends up in rivers and later on in the oceans, leading to dead zones at the river mouths. Besides this, every second another acre of rainforest is cleared to make room for grazing cattle as a result of an ever increased demand for beef. We don’t even want to go into how many wildlife species go extinct because of this -150 a day-.

To take it one step further, the arable land on Earth is not sufficient to properly feed the current human population of 7.2 billion people. We don’t realize this because around 1 billion people are well below that line and are basically starving to death. In fact, like everything else, food is finite, so when we have plenty of food on our table, it means that many will go without.

On average, a person needs roughly 2.1 hectares of land for a stable supply of food. In reality the average European uses 4.5 hectares while people in the US use 10. The thing is that even with that 2.1 hectares, we need 1.5 Earths to supply us with enough food for everyone living today.


Cattle and other barnyard animals need a large portion of that land for grazing or for growing their food, which would otherwise be used to grow our own. Now if we were to go complete vegan and eat no meat or dairy products of any kind, we would produce half the quantity of CO2, use 1/11th of oil, 1/13th water and 1/18th of land the average meat eater uses.


Now it is true that in order to become completely vegan, a lot of dietary changes have to be made. We need to substitute the intake on protein from meat with other sources. Nevertheless, there are a lot of options like seeds and nuts, but even so, we don’t urge you to stop eating meat altogether, but rather to know what overdoing it does to the world and limit the amount of meat you eat per week. Besides being more healthy, we also help save the world and cut greenhouse emissions in half. This is the way we, the normal folk, can stop climate change.The rest is still up to us, but this way we can influence it directly.

Thanks to the guys at The Daily Conversation and Thoughty2 for bringing these facts to our attention. Through them we were also able to share them with you and we hope that all of us will eventually work together for the good of all of us and stop climate change.