The Beauty of Black Forest in Winter, Germany



The name conjures up images of a wild, isolated place where time passes slowly. The dense woodland of the Black Forest—Schwarzwald in German—stretches away to the horizon, but this southwest corner of Baden-Württemberg (in the larger region known as Swabia) is neither inaccessible nor dull. The Black Forest is known the world over for cuckoo clocks; the women’s native costume.

With huge red or black hat pom-poms; and the wild, almost pagan way the Carnival season is celebrated. Swabians are the butt of endless jokes about their frugality and supposedly simplistic nature. The first travelers checked in here 19 centuries ago, when the Roman emperor Caracalla and his army rested and soothed their battle wounds in the natural-spring waters at what later became Baden-Baden.

A true amazing place to walk through. The Danube River springs in this mountains and flows down for thousands of miles until it reaches the Black Sea in Romania to the East. Located at the base of the Alps, these forests have always been traversed by many people and armies throughout the centuries. Nevertheless, once here, it will be fairly hard to think of this place as anything but serene and peaceful, even though, without a doubt, the Black forest has seen its fair share of conflicts.



Winter am Feldberg.  Foto frei zur Veröffentlichung nur in Verbinung mit einer redaktionellen Berichterstattung über den Schwarzwald

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