These Are Tesla’s New Electric Semi Trucks


These Are Tesla’s New Electric Semi Trucks

Electric Semi Trucks
These Are Tesla’s New Electric Semi Trucks

In his own flashy style, Elon Musk recently unveiled his own series of new semi trucks. During the event, an actual 18-wheeler was hauled on stage, so as people cand admire it as they should. There are currently over 2 million semi trucks in the United States, and Tesla is looking to get onto the market and bring an environmentally-friendly substitute to the table. With over 500 miles of range, these electric semi trucks are set to revolutionize the trucking industry.

Tesla’s semi trucks can also reach speeds of up to 60 mph in five seconds and without a trailer. When the truck is fully loaded and carrying over 80,000 pounds, the truck then needs roughly 20 seconds to get to 60mph. To better put things in perspective and understand what this actually means, a regular diesel semi truck requires about one minute while carrying a similar load. Musk also went on to say that after only 30 minutes of charging, the truck is able to travel some 400 miles.

When it comes to the design, Tesla’s semi trucks were made with the driver’s comfort in mind. There is enough room inside so as to allow the driver to be able to stand upright, while the driver seat is placed in the center for increased visibility. There are also two touchscreens that help the drier monitor the truck’s blind spots, allow access to navigation, as well as to provide data logging. It’s also possible to travel in a convoy, via a technology known as platooning. By this technique, several trucks position themselves one in front of the other, with the lead truck dictating the speed and direction of all the trucks in the convoy.

Safety concerns were also given top priority here. Musk added in the presentation that his trucks will almost never have the risk of jackknifing, given its two independent motors that can adjust its torque. This also implies that there is no risk of rolling.