Take A Look At The World’s First Unstealable Bike



Take a look at the world’s first unstealable bike and let all your worries fade away while you peacefully park your bicycle in the city.

You can forget all about your metal-bulletproof-titanium locking systems and all that nonsense of chaining your bike to a pole or a fence, because this amazing bicycle has the most clever locking mechanism ever.

The world’s first unstealable bike comes from Chile and it’s called Yerka. What makes this unstealable bike virtually unstealable is the fact that whoever wants to steal your bicycle will have to cut through the bike itself.


Cristóbal Cabello, Juan José Monsalve, and Andrés Roi Eggers are the masterminds behind this brilliant unstealable bike that costs only $500. It may well be one of the best thing to appear on the cycling market for quite some time and it will definitely decrease the number of bike thefts worldwide.

“In the next four years, our goal is to sell a container of almost 300 units each month worldwide,” Cabello expains.“But the most important goal is that customers say, ‘This bike is great. We love the bike you sold us and we will spread the word.'” he concluded.