Swedish Band “The Knife” Brings Forth A Brilliant Solution For Sustainable Development


Swedish Band “The Knife” Brings Forth A Genius Solution For Sustainable Development. Some brilliant satirical comic imagines what policy would look like if the UN focused on eliminating extreme wealth. People tend to focus on the poor and unfortunate for all that is wrong with the world. These people,who barely scrape by and only want to survive until the following day, are somehow responsible for all that is bad in the world. Many of these people don’t even have electricity or running water, let alone gas guzzling cars or irrigation for their agriculture.

Nobody seems to shift their attention to the other side of the spectrum. We always have to keep in mind that money, even if there is somewhere around $75 trillion, is finite. And by following the universal rule of relativity, a person is rich only when in comparison with someone who is not so fortunate.

Money would mean nothing if you were the only person on the planet. So, by having insane amounts of it, makes others go without. That’s pretty much why 1.5 billion people live in severe poverty today. In the United States just 12,000 homes bring in 5% of the entire national income. Those 12,000 homes represent just .1% of all families in the country.