How to Become Truly Successful: External Vs. Internal Success


Did you imagine yourself in a place of somebody? Or maybe you prefer dreaming about a different life in different circumstances? Have you ever wondered why you are doing it? The reason behind such dreams is often very simple and sad: you aren’t satisfied with your life. You haven’t achieved success in your life.

Have you ever wondered what success means to you? There is a lot of useful information at dissertation about success and how to achieve it. Do you want to achieve external success, to be acknowledged by people, or do you prefer inner satisfaction and peace? In each case, your actions will be different.

How to Achieve External Success

Education Is the Key to Success

You may not have a university degree, but you cannot do much without education. If you want to be successful in scientific circles, you need to get a formal education, and a university degree alone will not be enough. But if you want to create hand-made masterpieces, for example, all you need is proper training and practice.

Education is not just something that you don’t like but have to do. Education may bring pleasure as well. Learn something that you have always wanted to do or know. Learn a new language, or to play a musical instrument. Even if it doesn’t generate income, it brings satisfaction from doing a thing that you like.

Money Management Is Important

We can hardly speak about a bankrupt as a successful person. A successful person doesn’t struggle to survive. But regardless of how much you earn, you will never have enough money if you don’t manage your finances properly. Do you do the following?

  • Do you always know the sum of your expenditures? If not, then, how do you know how much money is available till you get the next payroll?
  • Do you review your bank statements to identify the fields that require more money?
  • Do you know your income? Do you deduct all taxes and fees? Or do you rather get unpleasantly surprised every time you receive your salary, as the amount is much lower than the one you counted on?
  • Are you saving? Even if you are saving a very small sum, it is still okay, as it indicates that you can manage your money properly.

Time Management Equals Money Management

Do you have a habit to put off all things until the last moment? If yes, change it urgently, because this is the main obstacle on your way to success. These delays are the cause of many errors, stress, and failures. Make a schedule of your tasks and do everything according to the schedule.

Internal Success Is Not Less Important

Do you feel inner peace and satisfaction? If yes, you have achieved your inner success – a condition when you are at peace with yourself. If not, then it is time to make some changes. Internal success is more important than external success, because even if you earn much, even if you are famous, but you don’t feel satisfied, you are still not fine.

Enjoy Every Moment of Your Life

Are you enjoying your life or rather feeling miserable? You are right, telling is easier than doing. That is why here are some tips to help you stop thinking in a negative way and lose those opportunities that are available:

  • Don’t stick to the past. Plan your future, think about it, enjoy it. Why not start with some simple things that you like? Buy tickets to a theatre, or cinema, go out – just plan something that you enjoy, even if it doesn’t bring income.

  • Try to notice and to use those small things that create comfort around you. Do you have nice clothes but never wear them? Open your wardrobe and put them on, find a reason to wear them today or tomorrow. Use those nice things that you are keeping for who knows when.

Your Life Is Yours

You live your life, and there is no need to compare your life with somebody’s else. Does your friend have an expensive car? Good for him, ask him for a drive when you need it and be happy that it is not you who has to take the responsibilities of a driver. Does your neighbor have a lot of money? That is good, but you have your peace of mind and all that you need without excess. Don’t compare yourself to anybody, your life is yours, and you live it as it is convenient for you.


Success is when you are happy with your life. You may not be rich or famous, but if you are at peace with yourself, if you do what you enjoy, you are successful. You may have external success, but it doesn’t mean much if you are stressed or unhappy. Build up your internal success, and external success will come on its own.