Stunning Portraits of Agile Ballet Dancers on the Candid Streets of Cuba



Ballet dancers have taken to the streets in Cuba. Omar Robles from New York and a photographer by profession has always been drawn to ballerinas dancing against an urban landscape in the background. More recently, however, he was able to travel to Cuba and photograph some of the best dancers there. While on his visit he was truly inspired by the skilful dancers who have made a perfect balance with “the cadence of the Cubans in the streets”

Robles was able to capture the amazing beauty these well-trained athletes who make the ballet moves seem easy. Though he is well-traveled, Robles was struck by the seeming poverty which he found on the streets of Cuba.

“With an average salary of $25 to $40 per month, Cubans struggle incessantly to stay afloat,” he explains. “Much like the ballet dancers, they strive with a resilience and elegance that I’ve never seen before.

Different from the long and weary faces we see in our metropolises, the Cuban people hustle daily with an unparalleled amount of pride, selflessness and dignity. I realised then, that above any other reason, this is exactly why Cuban ballet dancers have always been so great and through so many generations. Endurance simply resides in their blood.”

The seeming discrepancy between the ballet dancers in the front and the rouged image in the background, thus make sense. Ballet is not an easy art form, and only the most skilled and determined people can perform it. By growing up and living in harsh conditions, can make people become truly great ballet dancers. And even though their challenges are great, both on stage, during practice or in everyday life, Robles said that these dancers were the most kind-hearted people he had ever met.

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